vtiger Cloud

Vtiger all-in-one CRM allows you to align your marketing, sales, and customer service teams by providing unified customer information powered by One View. Maximize your sales growth with the best simplified CRM powered by AI.


Comprehensive, Flexible, and Scalable Solution

Vtiger One

The true all-in-one CRM that facilitates collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer service areas. Use Vtiger Cloud to increase customer engagement, win more sales, and foster brand loyalty.


Vtiger CRM integrates with over 500 web applications, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Gmail, among others, to help you maximize your work efficiency.

VTAP (Vtiger Application Platform)

It’s a low-code platform within the CRM that allows developers to extend CRM functionality to quickly offer customized flows and meet your company’s unique requirements.



Vtiger Cloud helps sales teams automate time-consuming tasks, provides detailed analytics to enable teams to close sales faster, and build deep relationships with customers.

Customer Service

Resolve more cases, improve service efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction. It helps increase team productivity, obtain useful information, solve problems faster, and collaborate better through easy-to-use software.


Vtiger CRM brings together all your marketing resources in one place to help you expand your lead management. Automation allows you to collect data, simplify lead generation, manage all your social media profiles, and analyze campaign data.

Vtiger Cloud is ideal for

Medium-sized companies

Vtiger Cloud is the ideal software for medium-sized companies, as it is incredibly easy to set up, manage, and use, making it the ideal choice.


Startups often end up with a variety of sales and marketing applications that do not seamlessly integrate. Vtiger can greatly help alleviate the pain of managing so many tools.

Ideal free plan for small companies starting their CRM journey

CRM for medium and small companies (US$ 12). It includes everything from One Pilot plus:

A complete CRM that puts all your teams in sync with Customer One View. It includes everything from One Growth plus:

A complete enterprise-level CRM that provides the best-in-class features at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. It includes everything from One Professional plus:

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