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Our more than 140 clients from different sectors, in 6 countries have managed to increase their sales, in quantity and amounts; they have generated more and better prospects; and have improved the satisfaction and experience of their customers. All this thanks to our solution that includes the application of good commercial management practices and we digitize them with our CRM software.

San Fernando


Total Servicios Financieros​

San Fernando

Improve your user experience with an omni-quality platform and CRM software


San Fernando is the largest poultry and agricultural producer and distributor in the

Peru. Exports to Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.


The growth of retail and online sales has made customer service requests also grow and multiply during the campaigns of national holidays and Christmas. Saint Fernando implemented Genesys Cloud CX, a contact center that centralizes communication that customers do through the telephone exchange, email, institutional chat and WhatsApp. However, this solution is not enough to manage the entire cycle of attention.


Creantis implemented its Customer Service solution, integrating the free version of vtiger CRM to Genesys Cloud CX, thus creating a centralized and scalable platform that manages the entire service cycle, improving it with good practices

Our solution includes:

– The capture of cases since Genesys Cloud CX receives the communication from the client

– Classification, referral and notifications to the responsible area

– Control of compliance with attention times (SLA)

– Customer satisfaction survey


– Faster resolution of cases

– Less time invested in monitoring cases

– Analysis of customer satisfaction, categorization of cases, response time and performance of the SAC area

– Scalability in times of campaigns, which allows the number of users to grow without the cost of licenses or monthly subscription.


Increased the productivity of managing your sales of guaranteed insurance plans

Interseguro is a member of the Intercorp group, one of the most solid financial groups in Peru.

Need :

The digital marketing campaigns were very effective, generating many leads, very quickly, and they needed to be served by the digital sales force with the speed necessary to convert them into customers. According to Harvard, when a client who requests a quote online is attended to within a few seconds by the company, he has a high probability of buying from that company. At Intercorp, with that focus in mind, they decided to streamline their sales process.

Solution :

Creantis implemented its Sales solution, optimizing the sales process in all its steps: lead capture, assignment, follow-up and closing. Our solution manages an organization of more than 50 advisors, made up of several sales teams with their respective supervisors. Additionally, we implemented our Customer Service and Collections solution.


Total Servicios Financieros

Increased the efficiency of your marketing process by integrating it into the sales process

Total Servicios Financieros is a company that serves small and medium-sized companies offering specialized financing, including Leasing and Factoring, among others.

Need :

Total SF intensely promotes its services nationwide through advertising campaigns on social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, among others, which redirect interested parties to a web form or directly to consult via WhatsApp. Total SF needed to efficiently manage these leads and quickly route them to the sales area for prompt attention.

Solution :

Creantis implemented its Marketing solution, integrated with its sales solution, aligning and making both processes more effective. Our solution automatically registers leads

whether they register in web forms, consult via WhatsApp or via the corporate chatbot.


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