Customers forever: the recipe! – Part 2

Autor: Oscar Santa Cruz

Publicado el 30 de September, 2022

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Customer Relationship Management or CRM

With the right data, it’s time to act on it in a timely manner, ideally early, through marketing, sales, or customer service, whether it’s to attract, retain, develop, or win customers back. In short, get them and retain them. And the solution for this is to apply CRM in your company.

I promote this concept of CRM: “a business management approach whose mission is to build customer loyalty.” As such, it rests on a framework of components: customer-centric vision, personalization strategy, customer experience, organizational collaboration to add value to the customer at every step of the chain, processes, data, technology and customer metrics.

Much can be said about each of these points. In fact, I briefly touched on the importance of customization above, and I’m sure I’ll go into more detail in a future article. Now I want to expand a little more on the technology.


CRM software is the technological tool -one of the 8 blocks of the CRM approach- that allows optimizing the processes that touch the client: marketing, sales and service.

On the marketing side, with CM software, you can run personalized mass email campaigns or targeted to specific segments, either by sending emails directly from the CRM or by integrating this software with a specialized mass emailing tool such as Mailchimp, emBlue or another. . You could also send personalized bulk SMS. Another use of CRM for marketing is to capture prospects that respond to advertising on social networks, and automatically assign them to the sales force and thus make the commercial process very effective.

Regarding the process of selling, CRM software gives the sales team the necessary tools to follow up on their opportunities, from the moment the client is interested until they get the purchase order. Among these tools are the sales funnel, the reminder notifications, the calendar that can be integrated into Outlook or Gmail. Obviously, the sales manager has visibility at all times of his sales projection to support the salesperson in achieving his goals. CRM software integrates with messaging systems such as WhatsApp and Messenger, and even with video systems such as Zoom, to achieve the greatest possible agility in the sales process, as well as the best customer experience.

The best way to build customer loyalty is to provide them with the best possible service, especially when they ask for after-sales service, a warranty application, a complaint, a claim. For these cases, the customer expects a quick solution, with permanent communication, and not just friendly service. With the CRM software, the customer service team manages the solution with the responsible areas and knows the status of the case at all times. The report generator shows the most frequent cases, which allows them to be corrected at the root.

What is CRM? “CRM is a business management approach -a way of managing a company- whose mission is to build customer loyalty”

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